• The tie should barely reach the waistband of the trousers, or it should be slightly shorter

  • A lighter tie on a slightly darker suit makes the suit look sharper

  • Make your tie stand out by contrasting its colour with the colour of the shirt

  • If you're going for the same tie colour as your jacket, make sure the tones or patterns are different

  • The tie can perfectly be of the same colour as the suit, but make sure it is darker than the shirt so it can stand out

  • A shade of blue for the tie will always look good on a grey suit


  • If you’re going for the “No tie” look, have some accessories stand out and compensate for the tie. A colourful pocket square, a nice watch or some shiny shoes

  • A skinny tie isn’t the most formal looking, so stick to it as a casual accessory for your suit. This type of tie looks great when you’re trying to achieve a more relaxed look

  • Having the tie the same colour as the overcoat helps it blend in, but once you take the overcoat off, the tie stands out and pairs well with the suit