The Fit

  • The typical slim fit suit should look clean around the shoulders. The shoulder line should not look too loose so it doesn’t create any peaks at the shoulder tips. At the same time, it should not be too tight either as it would crease the jacket when pulling it towards the chest

  • The jacket should be long enough for it to cover the pant’s zipper

  • The jacket should fit perfectly around the shoulders without creating any creases

  • When fitting your jacket, make sure there is no gap between the shirt’s collar and the jacket

  • The jacket sleeves should not be too long. They should reveal a bit of your shirt cuffs without going over your fist

  • Shirt cuffs should never go over the hand, but they should not leave much skin exposed between the sleeve and hand either

  • The tie should barely reach the waistband of the trousers, or it should be slightly shorter

  • Because wearing a suit without socks is quite the modern look, make sure the fit is a bit skinny/tight. Don’t wear a baggy suit without socks

  • If you’re going for sock-less loafers, make sure the trouser length reveals a bit of the ankle so it matches the modern look you’re trying to approach