Wear PB Nº1

For the first edition of the Wear PB Magazine we decided to focus on three suits: the double breasted, the three piece, and the tuxedo.

We reached out to three menswear influencers who helped go over each type of suit and share their own tips on how to ace the looks:

Artworth Brothers talk about the different ways they like to wear the double breasted suit, and how pairing a turtleneck with the suit can create a completely different and more casual appearance.

Geoffry Nijsmans introduces his own looks. Even though his section is all about the three piece suit, he also shares some of his favourite outfits, like the classic "no-tie" option and the casual broken suit.

Niccolò Cesari shows that style can be achieved through more than just one suit. From a windowpane navy to a white double breasted summer suit to a classic tux.

Learn the details behind wearing these types of suits, their do's and their don'ts, as well as when to and with what to wear them.

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Artworth Brothers

Geoffry Nijsmans

Niccolò Cesari

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