Niccolò Cesari

"I'm Niccolò Cesari I live in Florence, Italy, and I'm a manager for a fruit juice company, I have a wonderful family, a wife and an 8 year old daughter who advise me in the choice of outfits and photos.

I have always been a big fan of classic fashion, especially suits. Always attending Pitti Uomo, the most important men's fashion show in the world held twice a year in Florence, just attending the Pitti Uomo environment helped to get to know people and was crucial to start my activity as a menswear influencer.

I define a modern gentleman looking at the past but who interprets his look in a modern way, choosing fabrics and combinations of current and personal colours. My suits can be double breasted or three piece suits to match a turtleneck sweater or shirt and tie. You can follow me on instagram @niccocesari"

                               - Niccolò Cesari