Tie Color

  • A darker tie on a slightly lighter suit makes the suit look sharper

  • Blue tie, on blue shirt, on blue suit is always a killer look. Just make sure the tie doesn’t blend in with the shirt and that the color tones are different

  • Make your tie stand out by contrasting its colour with the colour of the shirt

  • A dark tie can often go well with darker suits. You can contrast this, however, with a lighter shirt.

  • If you are going for the same tie colour as your jacket, make sure the tones or patterns are different

Shirt Color

  • A light colored shirt goes well with a navy jacket

  • You can perfectly match the tie and shirt colour, but don’t use the same pattern or shade

  • If you are going to wear a blue suit and a blue tie, make sure the tie remains visible by wearing a lighter shirt underneath. A white shirt can make the tie stand out

Suit Color

  • When wearing a Burgundy suit, go for a more classic style. However, you can still add a stylish twist, like a pair of brown shoes for example

  • Burgundy suits look best with dark coloured shoes

  • Because a black suit is highly formal, go for a black tie and stick to the level of formality

  • Consider going for darker toned turtlenecks when pairing them with a dark colour suit

  • With a brown suit, try matching the shoe colour to the outfit, but change its shade slightly. If you are wearing a light brown suit, go for darker brown shoes

  • A shade of blue for the tie can go quite well with a grey suit

  • When wearing a grey suit, go for a lighter shirt colour

Shoe Color

  • A navy suit and brown shoes are always a great match

  • Brown double monk strap shoes go well with navy suits