• Use a leather strapped watch to add a level of formality

  • A tie bar should be worn right in the middle of the chest, not too high, not too low, just aligned with the pocket square

  • Panama hats tend to go better with lighter suits

  • Fedora or Panama hats often add a level of casual, so it looks better to pair them with casual colours in the outfit

  • If you’re going for the “No tie” look, have some accessories stand out and compensate for the tie. A colourful pocket square, a nice watch or some shiny shoes

  • Consider going for darker toned turtlenecks when pairing them with a dark colour suit

  • Matching the colour of accessories looks great most of the time, You can match the belt with your shoes, the pocket square with your shirt or some leather gloves with the shoes

  • A thinner turtleneck will fit better under a blazer as it won’t bulge it